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Annual Subscription

(just like gym membership, only for your wealth)

There's many paths to financial freedom: savings, insurance or unit trust sales, rental property, MLMs, Network Marketing to name few, but these only work if you have cashflow: in the world today we need something different. It's time for Gildas.

So we came up with something better! Which gives you reqular cashflow every month! The business model for Gildas is simplicity itself, you get paid monthly rewards from total order that the system allocates to you! Your only commitment to renew next year. If you and all the other orders are getting monthly rewards, with no effort, would you renew? Of course you would.

Random Acts of Kindness Image

Random Acts of Kindness by Total Strangers

As new members join, their subscription order gets allocated on the same fair basis for all. Each order is allocated to the next order in the queue. So random strangers are contributing to your wage!

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The best of both worlds: Backed by Precious Metals & Crypto

Precious Metals like gold are great stores of wealth, but they don't make much money, whereas crypto has great volatility, which our Difference Engine works for you. Currency the world over as dropped at least 90% in value over the last hundred years. Precious metals, and gold in particular, has remanded relatively stable or has risen relative to currency and even stocks. So the combination precious metals and crypto give stability and rewards: it's an ideal combo for a universal basic income.  

Your Risk: The only risk factor is the order volume. Lower order volume longer time to get your rewards. Bear in mind you already get gold token up front which is 50% of your subscription fee, so already have half you subscription back in your wallet with Perth Mint fully gold backed PMGT token.

How it Works


You Register

Fill in your name, address and other details to comply with regulations around AMLA and KYC acts. Once you pay for your subscription you get phyical gold like the bars those below


Random Acts of Kindness

The system allocates orders on round robin basis for all. This is how the system allocates orders under your order, without the hassle of signing anyone up yourself! How cool is that?


As Order Volume Grows, so does your rewards

We are big fans of the sharing economy, so we share 90% rewards (after costs) with you! As orders volume* grows from anywhere in the world, everyone benefits!